It all started with AEG, our first customer. As a direct supplier for shipbuilding, aviation and traffic engineering, the former Wisch & Co passed its first practical test with AEG. A success that the early mechanical engineering company leveraged until production expanded. Despite the global economic crisis and inflation, the portfolio of our metalworking technologies constantly expanded.

The consequences of the Second World War with the complete dismantling of the company presented challenges. In 1964, a restructuring to pipe processing was initiated, for which Wisch set the standard with groundbreaking new innovations.

In the years that followed, the product range expanded to other areas as well. In March 2005, under a new management, with a new shareholder structure and a century long experience in metal processing, a strategic reorientation took place.

The focus ever since is on component production for rail vehicle technology, vehicle construction and mechanical engineering. In these areas the company develops, manufactures and sells sheet metal assemblies and components for its customers.

In addition, the company has expertise in the development of special devices and in the manufacture of special machines. This is how Wisch designs and manufactures for today and the future, true to the motto “Innovation from tradition”.


  • 10.500 m2 production area
  • 1700 m2 office space


  • 125 employees